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CheckN Community Guidelines

These Community Guidelines and our [Terms of Use] are designed to ensure every user has a safe and enjoyable experience on CheckN. Failure to adhere to these guidelines may result in losing access to our platform.

Upload only your own content

We take copyright seriously. If you don’t own the rights to any content, please don’t post it.

Respect all users

We respect diverse identities, beliefs, and interests and we expect all of our users to respect each other, themselves, and the CheckN team. We take a strong stance against hate speech, rude or abusive behavior, bullying, and other forms of disrespect. We encourage any and all users to report anyone who does not follow these guidelines.

CheckN content guidelines:

  • Only post your own content.
  • Nothing that is illegal or encourages illegal behavior.
  • No kids under 18 in any photos.
  • No nudity or pornography.
  • Nothing harmful, obscene, discriminatory, offensive, or abusive.
  • No violence or guns.
  • No watermarks or text overlaid.
  • No malware or spam.

Don’t do anything illegal on our site

Illegal activity will not be tolerated on CheckN. This may result in being banned or restricted from the site, and/or being reported to the authorities.

No soliciting

CheckN isn’t for selling things. If you try to use it as a marketplace, you’ll be banned.

Monitoring & consequences

We may use a combination of automated systems and human moderators to monitor and review accounts, content, and messages for content that indicates breaches of these Guidelines and our [Terms of Use]. If you don’t follow these guidelines, you’ll receive a warning (unless our team decides to block or restrict access without warning at our discretion). If you ignore this warning, you risk losing your account. These guidelines are designed to make CheckN a friendly and safe place for all our users.